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DJSI (Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes)

DJSI has been developed by S & P Dow Jones Indices, a global financial information company, and RobecoSAM, a leading sustainability management evaluation company.

Since 1999, DJSI has become a valuation technique for evaluating sustainability of 2,500 companies in the world and it is a global evaluation model that assesses social and environmental performance and values as well as the value of financial information in a comprehensive manner. KPC has been participating as a local partner since 2009, has jointly developed DJSI Korea, the world’s first Dow Jones management index on national scale, with Dow Jones Indices and RobecoSAM and has released the evaluation results every year.

Major Achievements

DJSI World Index

21 domestic companies (including 317 companies out of 2,535 global evaluated companies)

DJSI Asia Pacific Index

38 domestic companies (including 146 companies out of 615 Asia Pacific evaluated companies)

DJSI Korea Index

45 domestic companies (202 evaluated companies)

Evaluation Model

Advantages of Being Included in DJSI

Benchmarking feedback

Providing RobecoSAM Bechmarking Scorecard to all companies participating in the evaluation. (The evaluation items can be checked by comparing the company’s sustainability performance with the industry average score and the global top company score of the industry)

Reputation and brand

Improving corporate reputation to shareholders, analysts, and general public.

Sustainable management investment (Responsible Investment)

The Stocks of DJSI-included companies are a potential investment target for a DJSI-based portfolio. It can directly benefit from the increasing demand for socially responsible investment.

Model and Methodology

The DJSI evaluations are the same for DJSI World, AsiaPacific, and Korea, and they are conducted at once. Aftera company participates in the DJSI evaluation once, it is determined whether it will be assessed depending on the market cap and whether it will be included in the DJSI World, Asia-Pacific, or Korea depending on the evaluation result scores.
DJSI evaluation questionnaire item are divided into common items and industry-specific items (minimum 50%). Each item is composed of questions reflecting economic, environmental, and social issues.

Evaluation Process