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(National Brand Competitiveness Index)

NBCI is a brand value evaluation index of consumers considering a marketing approach and it is an index that calculates the brand value created by a company’s marketing activities.
NBCI was developed by Korean scholars with the support of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (the then Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy) in 2003 to promote efforts to enhance brand competitiveness of domestic companies. Since 2004, KPC has been researching and announcing the competitiveness of brands representing the industries in Korea every year. In 2003, 18 manufacturing sectors and 14 service sectors were surveyed, and as of 2017, 33 manufacturing sectors and 31 service sectors are under investigation.
The survey measures brand competitiveness by directly questioning customers who have experience using products and services that are sold to domestic end consumers. Respondents evaluate not only the brands they use, but also the competing brands included in the survey. NBCI results are mainly provided to companies and public institutions and are widely used as internal key indicators.


NBCI guides the direction of corporate brand management as the most accurate and fair indicator. As a representative indicator, it selects business fields that represent the domestic industries and conducts surveys and it is positioned as a credible indicator through thorough investigation and verification. It is also regarded as a useful indicator for companies due to corporate practical useoriented survey, strictness of survey design, and fairness of survey method. As the survey is done and published by a third party without interests, it is an indicator whose objectivity of evaluation is secured. With NBCI, companies can track changes in brand levels and analyze the causes. It is possible to identify problems and strategic improvement targets and to benchmark the competing brands or brands in another industry. Companies can also predicts customer retention and customer turnover through brand conversion analysis and forecast changes in customer behavior due to changes in influence factors and NBCI.

Evaluation Model

The NBCI model provides a causal relationship and index of brand awareness, image, relationship and marketing activities, short-term purchase intentions and brand competitiveness through consumer surveys of product or service brands. NBCI models the multi-dependent causal relationship between brand factors and brand competitiveness, calculates the influence of constructs on brand competitiveness, and then calculates the influence of brand competitiveness on performance factors. It also maximizes predictive power using PLS (Partial Least Squares) techniques. NBCI investigates brands that represent industries in the domestic manufacturing and service industries in order to indicate the level of brand competitiveness across Korean companies.