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Productivity & Certification Dept

To help the Korean business enterprise overcome the low growth and meet rapid changes and prepare for growth in the 21st century, where opportunities and uncertainties coexist, as the world-leading business enterprises through increased productivity and competitiveness, KPC conducts productivity promotion movements at a national level.

National Productivity Award

  • National productivity Award of enterprise and individual for contribution the development of Korean economy through productivity enhancement and innovation activities.
  • Providing the science and system of management for other organizations through the measured, estimated and systemized management technology.
  • Seven major categories make up the award criteria-leadership, strategic planning, customer and market focus, information and analysis, human resource development and management, process management, business results which ensures the performance excellence of enterprises and organizations.

Productivity Management System

  • Assisting enterprises to build a world-class productivity enhancement management system to strengthen competitiveness.
  • Providing analysis report of enterprise’s productivity level and customized on-the-job consulting and education according to improvement tasks.
  • Operating on-line system that enables enterprises to examine their productivity level and acquire management information.

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