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International Cooperation

  • Asain Productivity Organization

Asain Productivity Organization

KPC is participating in joint projects with Asia Productivity Organization(APO), established in 1961 to promote economic development of the Asia-Pacific are through productivity improvement.

KPC is also conducting overseas training for the employees of the Korean business enterprises to strengthen their ability to actively adapt to changing environment.

KPC acts as a channel in communicating with APO and other productivity organizations in foreign countries, and cooperates with other international bodies and research institutes to provide training programs with higher quality.

Projects with APO

  • Hosting of and participation in seminars and training programs for different industries.
  • Hosting of and participation in international symposia.
  • Exchanges with productivity organizations in different countries.
  • Dispatch and invitation of technical experts.

Overseas Training

  • Region : Asian countries including Japan, China, America, Europe, Russia and Eastern Europe, and Oceania.
  • Area : subjects including labor-management relations, management innovation, factory management innovation, logistics innovation, technological development, marketing, information technology, personnel training, top management and training by sector or position level.

Other APO Membership Contries

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