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Future Management Consultancy Division

  • Business&Management Consulting Center
  • Green Business Consulting
  • Customer Satisfaction Management Dept.
  • NBCI(National Brand Competitiveness Index)
  • Sustainability Management Dept

Customer satisfaction Management Dept

The National Customer Satisfaction Index(NCSI) is an index model based on the modeling of the degree of satisfaction of the final consumers, who have used the product or services provided by domestic and foreign companies.

The smallest measurable unit of the NCSI is the product or product line of individual companies, and the survey results are announced at the company, industrial, economic sector, and national level. The NCSI, which is considered to be the most reliable index for companies(institutes), indicates the direction in which the companies(institutes) should run for quality improvement. In fact, many companies(institutes) and consumers use the results of NCSI as the data for internal/external performance assessment.


  • 56 Industries, 239 companies, 60,000 sample survey
  • Build CS evaluation system
  • Quality competitiveness index (macroeconomic)
  • Research Service(A&U, etc.)
  • CS strength/weakness analysis, future profits forecast
  • Open training
  • NCSI Sponsorship system management
  • In-service training
  • Build CS measurement model for companies
  • Overseas training
  • CS level diagnosis and CS improvement strategy formulation
  • Seminars/training

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