Productivity statistics research

With the belief that improvement of industrial productivity is directly connected to economic development of a nation, we innovate national economy and enhance competitiveness through generation of productivity statistics and creative productivity studies, which are knowledge assets. We perform the role of a think tank for improvement of the national productivity.

Productivity Statistics Foundation Establishment and Research

By building a foundation for statistics of labor productivity and total factor productivity in many aspects such as business scale, industry, region, and international comparison and conducting research on productivity policies, we contribute to the establishment of industrial policies and corporate management strategies.


  • Labor productivity index
    Quarterly estimation and analysis of labor productivity index for all industries including mining industry and service industry
  • Analysis of added values of listed enterprises
    added values, distribution of achievements, and management
    (growth, profitability, activity, etc.)
  • International comparison of productivity
    Comparison and analysis of labor productivities and unit labor costs of OECD member countries
  • International comparison of total factor productivity and building KIP DB
    implementation of basic statistics DB for 72 business types in all industries, and comparison and analysis of total factor productivity for each industry
  • Analysis of total factor productivity for each region and business scale
    comparative analysis of total factor productivity gap and production efficiencies of 16 cities and provinces, and large, medium, and small-sized businesses
  • Analysis of labor productivity by business scale and industry
    analysis of labor productivity gap and cost compatetiveness by business scale and industry
  • Asia KLEMS DB implementation
    implementation of basic DB of Asia total factor productivity for international comparison of total factor productivity at the global level