PMS_ Productivity Management System

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Government-supported project that provides management competence assessment, customized innovation task consulting, and measurement of achievement for productivity improvement activities so that enterprises may establish productive management systems and produce constant achievements.

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Incentives for Participating Enterprises

Financial Support

  • Security commission of 0.1% is deducted
  • Partial guarantee rate of 85% is applied in case of credit guarantee
  • The period of guarantee rate for enterprises with long-term loans is extended from 10 years to 12 years in case of credit guarantee

Governmental Awards

  • Extra points when applying for National Productivity Award

Preferential Treatments for the Supporting Policies of the Small and Medium
Business Administration

  • Extra points when evaluating technology development projects of small and medium-sized businesses
  • Preferential support for support projects of small and medium-sized businesses consulting
  • Support for sales and export


  • Preference when recommended as an enterprise designated for military service (industrial function personnel)
  • Preference when evaluating credit standing for contract execution capabilities evaluation system of small and medium-sized businesses
  • Discount of TV and radio advertisement fees (70%), one additional session of DMB advertisement