Korea Producation System

KPS_Korea Producation System

This customized production innovation system was developed to establish standard production system suitable for Korean industrial culture by integrating domestic and foreign production systems and to utilize it as a tool to improve productivity.

Korea Producation System image Internation cooperation graph

KPS (Korea Productivity System)

  • Enhance overall manufacturing and operation level
  • Segmentation by business type
  • Constant implementation and development
  • Customize for sizes, characteristics, and culture of Korean enterprises
  • Secure achievements by reinforcing competence by stage

6sigma / TOP / TPM

  • Not applied to overall manufacturing and operation
  • Driving force is lost with the trend
  • Limitations due to focus on achievement by sector


  • Since the system consumes a large amount of resources and the scope is large, it is difficult to apply it to small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Assembly-centric manufacturing system
  • Apply American and Japanese corporate cultures and characteristics