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Knowledge Service Division

  • IT Business Consulting
  • e-Learning
  • KPC-Qualifications Development Center

IT Business Consulting

  • As the first korean organization that to introduce the super computer no.1 in 1967, KPC has lead productivity improvement in korea. We consolidate our position as a leader of ubiquitous paradigm in the IT era based on our own knowledge and experiences so far accumulated.
  • IT Business Consulting, under the vision of its core value, “Center of IT & Innovation Services”, provides services such as IT Strategy Development, IT Governance, IT-Based Innovation services that expedite the client’s innovation and improve values. In particular, IT Business Consulting supports the construction of U-City as the unique solution of KPC.


  • IT Strategy Development
    • Mid-Long Term IT Vision and Strategies
    • U-Business Strategies
    • U-City Strategies
    • ERP, CRM, SCM Solution Strategies
    • Green IT Strategies
  • IT Governance
    • EA (Enterprise Architecture) / ITA(IT Architecture)
    • IT Performance Management(IT BSC)
    • IT Portfolio Management
    • IT Decision-Making System and Process Strategies
    • IT Project Management Outsourcing
  • IT-Based Innovation
    • PI/BPR based on Value@PI methodology
    • Build-up and Implementation of Knowledge Management (KM)
    • Strategic Performance Management System Build-up (BSC)
    • BPM Introduction Strategies for Management Iinnovation

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