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KPC promoted a movement to improve productivity
throughout all industrial and social areas.

Dec. 2012 KPC accomplished annual sales of 100 billion for the first time in the field.

  • Feb / 2011

    KPC developed productivity index for local governments and established 'Local Government Productivity Award'.

  • Dec / 2011

    KPC hosted the international conference on Korea Production System (KPS).

  • Apr / 2012

    KPC adopted the global certification system for carbon energy management.

  • May / 2012

    KPC developed Korea Mental Health & Productivity Inventory (KMPI).

  • Jul / 2012

    KPC hosted Asia KLEMS Workshop 2012.

  • Dec / 2012

    KPC was awarded the presidential citation its 'support for job creation' by the Ministry of Employment and Labor.

  • Jul / 2013

    KPC unveiled New Corporate Identity

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KPC introduced techniques and developed and
distributed management frame to improve productivity.

  • Jan / 2002

    Information Technology Qualifcation (ITQ) test acquired state certification status.

  • Oct / 2003

    KPC developed and presented National Brand Competitiveness Index (NBCI).

  • Jan / 2006

    KPC implemented a project for Productivity Management System (PMS) qualification.

  • Oct / 2007

    KPC hosted the international conference on Total Factor Productivity.

  • Nov / 2007

    KPC was selected as the most excellent private training institute by the Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs (received the presidential citation).

  • Oct / 2009

    KPC released the result of Dow Jones Sustainability Index Korea (DJSI Korea) evaluation, the world's first national sustainability index.

  • Oct / 2010

    KPC hosted the international conference on G20 Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

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Implementing the national productivity movement stage by stage.

  • Jun / 1981

    KPC hosted the first national competition to promote improvement of productivity.

  • Jul / 1986

    KPC started as a special corporation pursuant to the Industrial Development Act.

  • Nov / 1987

    KPC received the presidential citation on the 24th Trade Day.

  • Jul / 1988

    The construction of the current KPC headquarters was coompleted and the headquarters was relocated.

  • May / 1989

    KPC implemented the five-year project to double current productivity (from 1989 to 1993)

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Apr. 1961 - KPC joined Asian Productivity Organization.

  • Apr / 1961

    KPC joined Asian Productivity Organization.

  • Jan / 1964

    Former President Park, Chung Hee visited the headquarter.

  • Mar / 1967

    KPC used computer (FACOM-222) for the first time in Korea.

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Aug. 1957 - Korea Productivity Center (KPC) was established.