CEO Message

KPC has been with development of South Korea by leading South Korea to become an advanced country with diversified approaches, including research on productivities such as total factor productivity and labor productivity, training, consulting, release of index surveys, and qualification certification.

With excellent knowledge service competence that provided not only computerization and informationization in the 80's but also customer satisfaction, sustainable brand, and sustainable management, and with advanced awareness, sense of responsibility, and passion, KPC is growing as Korea's representative knowledge service agency which supports improvement of productivity.

Moreover, KPC has been a leader in improving productivities of foreign countries by spreading expertise and know-how in improving productivity in the Asia-Pacific Region. As a hub of improving productivity in theAsia-Pacific Region, KPC enhances Korea's status.

Korea Productivity Center (KPC) is not settling for this but is planning to take another leap with South Korea with integration, cooperation, and the new productivity paradigm, 'Korean productivity 3.0,' that are fit for the new era.

Korea Productivity Center (KPC) has worked hard for 'Korea's better future and possibility' for the last half century, and KPC will constantly make efforts to improve quality of life of all Koreans in the future.