National Customer Satisfaction Index(NCSI)

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NCSI_ National Customer Satisfaction Index

Index of satisfaction level evaluated by customers who have used the domestically and internationally produced products and services sold to final customers at home, measured and quantified based on modelling.

NCSI as a Global Index

Approximately 30 countries including the United States and 17 European countries measure customer satisfaction by using the same method as NCSI. Direct comparison of many countries, economies, industries, and quality competitiveness of enterprises is possible.

Measurement Model

NCSI supports activities to improve actual customer satisfaction and customer satisfaction management for enterprises (institutes) as the most precise and fairest index.

  • Comparative possibility among industries of customer satisfaction (Possibility of benchmarking)

Benchmarking is possible through standardized measurement despite diversity and differences in products and services.

  • Possibility of future profit changes for improved customer satisfaction

It is possible to estimate purposes of companies and institutes (making profits, promoting more use, etc.) scientifically.

  • Presentation of plans to improve CS is possible.

Model that goes beyond measuring customer satisfaction to present improvement measures by expanding detailed quality factors.