Training specialized in thd Public sector

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Specialized education on public sector

We object approximately over 25,000 public servants and local residents at government departments annually, strengthen administrative service capabilities by analyzing policy directions and pending tasks integrally, and provide an educational solution that enhances public values by leading local and social changes.

The best domestic core services through numerous years of know-how

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Public servants

Public servants table


Public servants table

Support for employment and career move and career design

: Some people live 100 years and it is common to change jobs. With changes of social environment, KPC provides customers planning to change careers and start business with customized services to design and offer a systematic career road map according to life cycle.

Public servants table

Training to improve core task capabilities of small- and medium-sized enterprises

: By providing employees of small- and medium-sized enterprises with good-quality training courses, this training reinforces competitiveness by improving HRD competence of employees in small- and medium-sized enterprises and promotes investment in human resource development.

Training for youth internship system of small- and medium-sized enterprises

: By improving competitiveness of the unemployed, this course foster them into excellent talents who can immediately start a job and create accomplishment. helping them to find a position as an intern or permanent employee.

Advanced task training to support re-employment of middle-aged people

: By reinforcing job task competence, instilling will, and fostering understanding of small- and mid-sized businesses that are necessary for the re-employment of middle-aged people, this training contributes to vitalization of employment and local economy, to the establishment of foundation for large-sized enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises to cooperate in human resource management, and to the expanson of employment.