KPC provides optimal solutions in CS and marking fields including CSM system establishment (CS vision and strategy establishment, strategy establishment through CS measurement modelling, and CS evaluation system implementation), reliability measurement and evaluation, CE (Customer Equity) consulting, and research service.

Basic frame for CS easurement model

Basic frame for CS easurement model

Consulting process

Consulting process

Differentiation points of consulting for strategy building through CS measurement modelling

1. KPC's own method to measure CS

KPC developed proprietary methods to measure CS by applying techniques such as structural equation, latent variable, and partial least square in order to measure customer satisfaction precisely and to measure influence relationships among customer satisfaction components.

2. Identification of quality factors with high priority of improvement by scientific method

In order to support efficient CS improvement, KPC identifies the priority among quality factors through a technique called Action Matrix which uses the influences of quality factors on customer satisfaction and absolute standard.

3. Establishment of concrete strategies for CS improvement

This is does not stop at examining the level of a company but goes on to provide concrete and practical strategies for CS improvement. CS improvement strategies are developed based on the comprehensive analysis of CS level examination, verification of relevant hypotheses and issues, and customer complaints, and hence are very effective.